Inner Chi Earth

Promoting positive energy and global awareness.

Beads from this bracelet have traveled to each of the seven continents.

Spiritual blessings were performed on the beads, infusing them with positive energy

from around the world. Meditations for health, happiness, love, abundance,

and countless kind wishes were channeled to the person wearing the bracelet.

Wear these beads knowing they are filled with blessings from around the world.

Let them remind you to share your LOVE, LIGHT and POSITIVE ENERGY every day.



After a journey around the world, we are happy to introduce Inner Chi Earth's First Edition Bracelets!

The seven focal beads represent each of the seven continents and have been spiritually blessed on every continent.

The remaining beads are Polished Black Onyx, Matte Black Onyx, or River Stone. These minerals can be found on all continents and represent global unity. 



I wanted to find a way to promote positive energy and global awareness. I decided to create a talisman to remind people to share their positive energy with the world. I selected beads native to each of the seven continents. I searched for people willing to bless my beads on every continent. I trusted in the universe to present me with the people I needed and it came through in unimaginable ways.

Over the course of a year, my beads went around the world and slowly made their way back home filled with love and blessings. I hope they will remind you to share your LOVE, LIGHT and POSITIVE ENERGY every day.


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